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September 18, 2018
Peter Schwartz

Rogersville (Tennessee) middle school proved they were in it to win a Riddell Smarter Football grant

Riddell, the official equipment partner of USA Football, has been a big part of this movement with their “Smarter Football” initiative. This year, the program expanded to “18 In 18” equipment grants to reflect the uniform number worn by future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, who now serves as Riddell’s Strategic Advisor and Brand Ambassador.
September 14, 2018
Dana Arschin

New football helmets hope to cut brain injuries

"You'll see nearly half of the NFL players wearing the SpeedFlex Precision Helmet this season, said Thad Ide. Ide is the Senior VP of Research & Product Development for Riddell, which is a company that creates custom-fit helmets tailored to an athlete's head shape and size.
September 03, 2018

Trusted Coaches helps youth football teams earn equipment grants

Tom Lenarz, director of Cloquet Youth Football, said the funds from USA Football will go toward the purchase of new Riddell helmets. “We are excited to be able to use this money to put our kids in newer and safer equipment,” Lenarz said.
August 21, 2018
Matt Stewart

New technology in helmets helps metro football teams reduce risk of concussions

Football can be a dangerous sport, but new technology is making the game safer. Fewer kids are suffering concussions as helmet makers and metro schools are going to greater lengths to keep young athletes safe.
August 18, 2018
Karen Kornacki

High-tech football helmets flag coaches to hard hits

Ruskin High School received 30 high-tech football helmets. Sensors inside the helmets send a signal to coaches that the player has received a hit to the head.
August 02, 2018
Ashley Minelli

Anderson School District 3 puts high school football players in hit monitoring helmets

Riddell's Insite Training Tool is now installed in every helmet the Tigers wear. Coach Sheldon Evans said the technology connects sensors in each helmet to a remote and alerts that handheld device any time a players helmet takes a hit.
July 31, 2018
Ben Thomas

Gulf Shores community steps up, purchases new impact monitoring helmets

Gulf Shores coach Matt Blake doesn't like the path he sees football heading down as the spotlight continues to grow on concussions at all levels. "I think it is up to us as coaches to protect the game we love," Blake said. "If we don't do something and try to protect it and protect our kids, we'll end up losing this game and we'll all be playing flag football in the next 10 years. We have to do something." With that in mind, Blake's Gulf Shores team has become one of the first schools in the state to purchase helmets using Riddell's InSite Training Tool Technology. The new technology allows trainers on the sideline to monitor impact hits taken by players on the field.
July 31, 2018
Jennifer Martin

Anderson Co. high school football team using smart helmets

Crescent High School's football team in Anderson County is using high tech helmets to monitor impact levels during practices in an effort to keep players safer. These "InSite Training Tool" helmets are made by Riddell, and use data from about 5 million impacts collected since 2004 to create impact profiles for each player and provide on-field alerts. Coaches hope it can be used as a tool to help lower chances of players suffering concussions.
July 27, 2018
Matthew Speakman

Danville team going high-tech with hard knocks

Danville will be using Riddell’s InSite Training Tool technology in its helmets this upcoming football season, becoming the first program in Alabama to have its seventh- through 12th-grade teams wearing the helmets. Eight other high schools in Alabama are utilizing this technology. Around 900 high schools across the country use InSite technology. Reflecting to that sophomore year, McGregory said he only exited the game when a teammate saw him zoning out in the huddle. He found out later that he had suffered a concussion.

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