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September 15, 2015
Athlon Sports

Student helps change the game

He presented his position to the Doctors Medical Center (DMC) in an attempt to generate funds for state-of-the-art helmet sensors. The members at the DMC were impressed. So much so that the group awarded a grant of $10,000. Gregori used the money to purchase 36 InSite sensors for the 2014 season
September 15, 2015

New technology inside football helmets monitors athlete safety

The Pendleton Heights Arabians are one of a dozen Indiana high schools and universities now using a high-tech monitoring system to track athlete safety on every play. Each of the 40 helmets now holds Riddell’s InSite sensor technology, which alerts the team’s athletic trainer the moment a player takes a hit hard enough to cause a possible concussion.
September 15, 2015

Football helmets alert Traders Point coaches to potential concussions

Varsity football players at Traders Point Christian Academy are taking the field this fall with new, state-of-the-art football helmets that will alert trainers and coaches to hits that could pose a risk for concussion. The helmets were developed by Riddell, a company that makes helmets worn by players in the National Football League. “These are the best helmets money can buy,” said Traders Point Football Coach Kyle Johnson. “We are trying to make the sport as safe as possible.”
September 15, 2015
St. Louis High School Sports

Technology eases film study, collects concussion data

Much of the research from concussions comes in a laboratory. This season, however, teams across the area will collect data in a different way — with their helmets. Riddell, which produces helmets and other sporting equipment, rolled out a new line of helmets called Riddell IQ SRS.
September 15, 2015

Stroudsburg unveils Riddell InSite Impact Response System helmets

On Wednesday Stroudsburg Athletic Director Tim Honeywell handed out 20 new flex Riddell helmets each equipped with the InSite Impact Response System. “Having this technology this year is going to give us a guideline of what kind of impact’s are out there during a game. You know we don’t know about it. The NFL and college they probably have it already,” said Jim Miller.
September 15, 2015

Riddell, McCarthy team up for football

PrepsKC has again engaged Riddell, the industry leader in football helmet technology and innovation, to deploy the Riddell InSite Impact Response System at five area high schools in a season long initiative designed to better protect those that play the sport we all love.
September 15, 2015
RTV 6 The Indy Channel

Traders Point Christian Academy finds safety success in football team helmet sensors

Traders Point Christian Academy Head Football Coach Kyle Johnson says each helmet is far more than just plastic and padding. Each includes a sensor created by the company Riddell, which measures how hard each student’s head is being hit.
September 15, 2015
Pocono Record

Stroudsburg invests in football safety

When it comes to safety in football, Stroudsburg took a huge leap this summer. The school purchased 20 new Riddell helmets that have been equipped with the InSite Impact Response System. “Safety is paramount,” Honeywell said. “If there is something out there that can prevent our kids from sustaining a major concussion or major injury, and we can prevent it for this, it’s money well spent.”
September 15, 2015
Republican Herald

New helmets to help Pottsville identify concussions

As part of the purchase, 30 of the helmets will be equipped with the state-of-the-art Riddell InSite Impact Response System that measures impacts to the head and alerts trainers and doctors immediately when a significant single or multiple hits occur. “We want to make sure we invest and do everything we can to keep all our student-athletes safe,” Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Zwiebel said.
September 15, 2015
Current in Zionsville

New football helmets detect potential concussions

Taking the pressure off players to make the call, TPCA players are wearing new state-of-the-art Riddell helmets with sensor pads. “When they test marketed them, they collected data on 1.8 million hits,” Johnson said.
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