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September 14, 2015
Lansing State Journal

Maple Valley football using new technology to monitor concussion risk

“What we’re hoping is to be the leaders in the state, and the country, when it comes to concussion awareness,” said Martin, whose team is one of the first high schools in the state with the SpeedFlex headgear, which has an InSite Impact Response System built in. “We want to be that spearhead that makes districts understand that there is an obligation to keeping our kids safe.”
September 14, 2015
The Virginia Gazette

New Football Helmet Technology Showing Promise

Bright landed on his head, activating the Riddell InSite sensor pad tucked inside his helmet that is designed to measure impact. "If it goes off, I can go right to the kid and say hey, let me take a look at you," Gotthardt said. "Before, I wouldn't have known unless it was a real bad hit."
December 04, 2014

Football team tests high-tech helmet technology

The system is designed to be a less costly method designed from data obtained through the Sideline Response System. This system detects head impact using a covering on the inside of the helmet which identifies and alerts to hits based on linear and rotational acceleration, duration and location of contact. - See more at:
December 02, 2014
Concussion Policy and the Law

University Using Sensors to Monitor Dangerous Hits on Football Field

University of Florida Health researchers are using the helmets of Gator football players to help measure the force of on-field hits as part of ongoing efforts to better understand and prevent concussions and treat them before they cause lasting damage.
November 30, 2014
KKCO 11 News

Special Report: Young athlete steps away from football after concussions

He was concussed twice in a short amount of time, and if he received a third concussion he wouldn't be allowed to play any high school sport for the rest of this time as a student.
November 26, 2014
North Jersey News

Cooper on H.S. football: New weapon in the fight against concussions

“I think you owe it to the student-athletes to look out for their best interests,” McAleer said. “Ultimately, I think it can make football safer. I think this is our way of being proactive.”
November 05, 2014
Fox News 4 Kansas City

Local prep football team using helmet sensored impact detection system

“We can analyze the amount of contact we’re doing, ” Delaney said. “If I have a kid who is repeatedly setting his alert off, I’m either going to teach that kid how to tackle better or we’ll hold him out of some contact.”
November 05, 2014
Beaumont Enterprise

PN-G uses helmet sensors to watch for dangerous impacts

"We'd like everybody in the area to have this (Insite)," Pitts said. "This is not team-specific. We want everybody to have this technology and not just in football. Cheerleaders are the largest group on the rise. Every sport needs kids baseline tested."
October 29, 2014
Cohn & Wolfe

Cohn & Wolfe Triumphs at 2014 Global SABRE Awards

Taking home the Global SABRE in the Community Relations category for its work with sports equipment manufacturer Riddell, the winning program was selected from more than 5,000 entries around the world.
October 29, 2014

Aggies honor '39 championship team with throwbacks, 'leather' helmets

The helmets were produced in concert with Hydro Graphics Inc. and Riddell, and the leather look is courtesy of a hydro film leather-like texture featuring wing and cross graphics. The design was created using high-resolution photos of the actual helmet the 1939 team wore. They even have "AMC" on the back, which stands for "Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas," which was what Texas A&M was known as in 1939.
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