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Smart Helmets Improve Safety in High School Football
October 27, 2019
George Balekji

Smart Helmets Improve Safety in High School Football

With the advancement of technology in player safety, that concern led Lancaster High School's football program to its solution.

"There was a lot of uncertainty with parents allowing their young men to play football. Concussions were becoming more mainstream news stories. And we were trying to figure out how to be proactive and allow our students to be as safe as possible." said Flying Arrows assistant coach Andy Haas.

That initiative drove Lancaster to Riddell's Insite Training Tool, or simply "ITT" which tracks every head impact on the team such as over 5,000 hits from the 2018-2019 academic year alone.

October 24, 2019
Jon Kipper

Helmet technology helping schools detect concussions

Every single player at both Bellevue high schools get a computerized helmet, so whether it's in practice, or during the state championship, if they get hit hard in the head, the trainers know and can pull that player aside.
October 20, 2019
Mike Lowe

How to tackle concussions? High schools get helmets with sensors

For the first time this fall, high-tech football helmets are being worn by Maine high school players. Kennebunk and Thornton Academy have started to use Riddell’s SpeedFlex Insite helmets, which include five sensors designed to detect how many times a player is hit in the head, where the hits occur and the intensity of the blows.
October 16, 2019
Matt Wright

Wadsworth High School uses smart helmets to track hits, alert coaches

Smart helmet technology that monitors head impacts is being used to reduce concussions at some Northeast Ohio schools. The Riddell InSite Training Tool uses sensors beneath padding inside football helmets to track impacts and send instant alerts about hard hits to coaches and trainers, who can evaluate the affected player.
October 16, 2019
Fox 32 Chicago

Riddell Football Helmet Feature 10 13 19 on The Final Word

Riddell has been known as one of the top manufacturers of football helmets since the company was founded back in 1929. Did you know that Riddell helmets protected American soldiers in World War Two as well?
How to Properly Maintain Football Helmets During the Season
October 14, 2019

How to Properly Maintain Football Helmets During the Season

The rigors of the season can take a toll on protective equipment. Specifically, in order to keep helmets functioning at a high level from the first day of training camp to the day you turn it in for reconditioning, some in-season maintenance can go a...
Making the game safer
September 25, 2019
PrepsKC Staff

Making the game safer

As the 2019 football season begins, the McCarthy Auto Group is proud to announce its partnership with Riddell, the Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association and PrepsKC, once again promoting Smarter Football with Riddell InSite technology. This marks the sixth season of the on-going partnership.
September 05, 2019
Lexi Sutter

Chicago-Area Company Makes NFL Helmets With Focus on Safety

Des Plaines-based company Riddell is on a mission to tackle a safety problem that continues to plague football players. The company has been collecting data of on-field impacts for 15 years, using it to produce the safest helmets. It's also responsible for many of the helmets on the NFL’s approved list. For the first time ever, the league is demanding players choose from an approved list, or they don’t play.
August 30, 2019
Jason Dill

When it comes to player safety, embracing helmet technology was no-brainer for Manatee programs

To further increase player safety at Braden River, [Frank] Post applied for a grant through USA Football on July 2, 2018. By Aug. 1, it was approved and 10 of Riddell’s SpeedFlex helmets with InSite technology, valued at $500 per helmet, made there way to the East Manatee campus.
August 26, 2019
Steven Ruffing

Digital Exclusive: The Technology behind Barnesville HS football helmets

Barnesville High School is switching over to Riddell Speedflex helmets with InSite technology. InSite training tool can track the severity of a hit, what area of the head was hit and the amount of times the area was impacted. The technology also gives data on what times the most impact was caused, this can be especially helpful during practice to keep track of what drills are causing the most impact.
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