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August 11, 2016
Randy Ruef

Rockford schools take advantage of new football helmet technology

Four Rockford Public High Schools, East, Auburn, Guilford and Jefferson, will take part in a pilot program this fall called the Riddell InSite Impact Response System. It's a relatively new technology that incorporates sensors in helmets that read and measure impact and send those readings immediately to a hand-held devise. Coaches can use that information to address a possible concussion, or it can be uploaded to a computer where staffs can use a player-management software dashboard to review a player's history or look for trends. One hand-held device can take in all readings for up to 100 helmets. For this season, 45 helmets will have the InSite technology: 10 at Jefferson, 11 at Guilford and 12 each at East and Auburn. The district replaces 10 percent of its helmet inventory every year, so this year's changes incorporated the InSite technology. The pilot program is through a partnership with Riddell and comes at no cost to the taxpayer.
August 11, 2016
TJ Weber

Pittsfield High School Football Team Gets Helmet Sensors

The Pittsfield High School football team is preparing for their upcoming season, but not just with offensive plays and defensive schemes. The team recently added Riddell InSite helmet sensors to help with concussion protocol. The sensor is located in the top of helmet. Once it's activated it is then paired with a handheld device that the trainer holds onto.
July 27, 2016
Rebecca Schleicher

Siegel Tests Safety Sensors In Football Helmets

Siegel High School has the first football team in Middle Tennessee testing out sensors in their players' helmets to try to prevent players from going back into the game with a head injury.Because of that Siegel High School senior linebacker and co-captain Dalton Frantz welcomes his football team's new helmets. "It's one of the best helmets I've ever put on my head," he said. After taking hit after hit he says the new Riddell InSite System sensors can keep his trainer in the loop if he or his teammates take one hit too hard.
July 27, 2016
Kyle Neddenriep

How one Indy school is protecting its players from head injuries

For the first time, Brebeuf has outfitted all of its players with the Riddell InSite Impact Response system. Each helmet is fitted with a five-zone sensor pad inside the liner that measures the severity of impact on hits to the helmet. When an impact or series of impacts exceeds a pre-determined threshold, Miller – or any trainer at a school using the system – receives an alert.
July 26, 2016
Tom Kreager

Siegel among first schools with sensors in helmets monitoring hits

A season after one of its players sustained a severe head trauma, Siegel's football team will start this year as the first high school program in Middle Tennessee to use technology from Riddell to help monitor how much head impact its players sustain in practices and games. Siegel recently began using Riddell's InSite Response System, which monitors contact to the head. The technology includes multiple sensors that are inserted in a helmet. Those sensors give alerts when significant hits to the helmet are sustained.There are 18 high schools across the state that use the Riddell system and two college teams — Bethel and Cumberland — according to information from Riddell.
July 22, 2016
Zac Johnson

Fitzgerald says he feels good, isn’t counting years

Larry Fitzgerald spoke as part of a program with equipment maker Riddell called “Riddell Smarter Football.” He’s always been a good spokesman for the game, and his longevity shows he’s a great example of how to lengthen a career.
July 22, 2016

We Asked Larry Fitzgerald to Build a Superteam and Guess Which QB He Chose?

Larry Fitzgerald, one of the league’s ambassadors and longest-tenured stars, has teamed with Riddell to spread the word about the helmet company’s latest technological innovations, as well as its Smarter Football campaign that rewards youth football leagues for employing progressive safety tactics on and off the field.
July 12, 2016
PR Newswire

Riddell Smarter Football Campaign Aims To Put Safety First

Riddell's Smarter Football program is a grassroots campaign that recognizes and rewards those who advance the sport through more progressive playing habits and approaches to the game. The aim of smarter football is to help teams bolster their commitment to safety, and Riddell provides equipment and technology that is designed to protect the player's health.
July 07, 2016
Peter Macias


Riddell, the official protective equipment partner of USA Football, has launched the second season of its Smarter Football initiative in which the company will donate $100,000 in equipment grants to teams that show how they advance the game through smarter tactics on and off the field. Today’s game is changing, and so is the approach to athlete safety. The Smarter Football program encourages football communities across the nation to push toward advancing the sport we believe in and offer the best protection for its players.
July 06, 2016
Eric Sondheimer

Football: Riddell is offering $100,000 in equipment grants to teams

Riddell is making available $100,000 in equipment grants to high school and youth football teams as part of their Smarter Football program.
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