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October 12, 2017
Kari Bustamante / KTUU News

East Anchorage High gets $10k grant, personal message from Peyton Manning

Hearing Peyton Manning speak of the East Thunderbird football team seems like a prize enough on its own, but for the Anchorage prep program it was just the beginning. Chosen as one of just ten programs across America, the East High School football team earned a $10,000 grant from Riddell for their efforts in implementing safety on the football field.
October 12, 2017
Zach Thaxton / KOAA News

Monument Pop Warner squad reacts to award from Peyton Manning

The Monument Blizzard are on Cloud 9. The Pop Warner football team from the Tri-Lakes is one of ten nationwide recipients of a $10,000 grant from helmet-maker Riddell. The announcement of the prize was made by future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. "It was an honor that he took the time out to make the video and address us personally," said Dan Hembree, president of the Monument Blizzard Association. Two months ago, Hembree submitted an essay to apply for Riddell's Smarter Football Program. Some 700 other football programs across the country also applied. "I knew it was a long shot. Lots of people from youth all the way up to high school apply for it," Hembree said.
October 09, 2017
SGB Media

Riddell Releases Documentary On Precision-Fit Helmet

Riddell brought out Peyton Manning to star in a new documentary into its Precision-Fit process to support the launch of its first fully-customizable football helmet, Riddell Precision-Fit. Riddell noted that this football season, marquee players across major college football and the NFL are sporting the helmet. Precision-Fit is a state-of-the-art 3D head scanning process used to build a custom-fitting, player-specific helmet liner system. Players’ head shapes are as unique as a fingerprint, so the custom padding added to Riddell’s SpeedFlex model allows for maximum protection, comfort, and improved sightlines.
September 13, 2017
Julie Unruh / WGN News

Peyton Manning surprises CPS team with visit, new equipment

When a high school with limited resources excels in the classroom and in sports, people take notice, people in high places and even people with super star status. Bronzeville's Wendell Phillips Academy was shut down in 2010 for poor academic performance. It reopened with an entirely new staff. Seven years later, 100 percent of the high school seniors were accepted to college. Students last year received $12.5 million in scholarship money. But there's more. They play a mean game of football.
August 18, 2017
Kat / Generations of Savings

Living #SmarterFootball at my Sports Driven House

As a sports mom I am often asked about how much it costs or how much time does it take in a way that seems like people think it's not worth it. Let me tell you that it is worth every single penny I spent and every second I watch my children play or practice. It is worth every ounce of sweat from me carrying cases of snacks or drinks for the team or trying to keep up with my teenager when he wants to work out together. Its part of my family, its a part of my childhood. All of my sister's played sports and my dad always coached. I read but I always there. I never missed a game. I always knew I would grow up and be the same kind of parent. I wish all kids had that kind of supportive parents like my sisters and I had growing up. My dad really put his all into coaching and making the game fun and my mom always volunteered and tried to get grants to fix up the fields. Riddell is calling on players, coaches, parents and fans to take an active role in advancing the game through the Smarter Football Commitment. This initiative invites members of the football community at all levels to join in a movement to create a safer, better sport through the use of “smarter” tactics on and off the field.
August 17, 2017
Kasey / All Things Mamma

Playing Smarter Football

Football is a way of life in our family. From watching football on TV, in person and playing it, my boys can’t get enough! Even though we love football, we play smart! Football is no longer about being the fastest or strongest on the field; it’s about being the smartest, on and off the field. The game is relying more on science and technology to help evolve players into elite athletes with the implementation of sensor, cooling/heating and grip technologies.
August 17, 2017
Rachel Mouton / Acadiana's Thrifty Mom

Let Riddell Help Your Child Play Smarter Football This Season #SmarterFootball

Football season is here and I’m not talking about the NFL. It is that time of year when moms everywhere cringe in excitement. If you have a son who loves the game, you know what I mean. You’re excited he gets to reconnect with all of his football friends and play the game he loves, but you cringe at the thought of injuries. I was so excited when I got an email from Riddell inviting me to discuss their new campaign to help make football safer for all of our favorite little guys, by teaching them about playing smarter.
August 16, 2017
Mike Klawitter / The McFarland Thistle

CONCUSSIONS: Technology may find answers

The McFarland High School football program this season will be using a new device that provides information on head impacts that occur in practices and games. Riddell Sports has developed InSite, a device installed inside a player’s helmet that offers data to coaches and athletic trainers on head impacts if the player reaches a certain research-based threshold.
August 16, 2017
Joe Cook / WLTX 19

USC Players Try New Helmets For More Safety

It seems that the South Carolina football team could be one of the premiere programs in player safety and health awareness when it comes to football. A couple USC players are taking the next step. Senior linebacker Bryson Allen-Williams and sophomore wide receiver Bryan Edwards will be sporting custom made helmets by Riddell this season. Riddell approached USC and the players to try their prototypes. These helmets have padding that is molded and fitted specifically to the size and shape of their heads after some cranium scans. It's to help reduce impacts and prevent concussions.
August 15, 2017
Erin Duffy / Omaha World-Herald

Bellevue joins other school districts in receiving donation of data-tracking football helmets

Bellevue is the latest school district to receive a donation of “smart” football helmets that include hit-monitoring sensors. A donation from businessmen John Hassett of Bellevue Keno and Darwin Hanssen of DJ’s Dugout will allow the district to buy 218 Riddell helmets with the InSite Impact Response System for both the Bellevue West and Bellevue East High School football teams.
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