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July 07, 2017
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The football helmet of the future is here

With the debut of their Riddell Precision-Fit helmet, the innovative football equipment company is hoping to revolutionize player safety with their new custom fit helmet.
June 22, 2017
Lacey Crisp / Cleveland 19 News

Riddell moves into new 350,000 sq. ft. home in North Ridgeville

Chances are those who have a kid that plays football would be familiar with the name Riddell. “Helmet and shoulder pad manufacturer. We do have some apparel,” said Riddell General Manager, Benjamin Marker. The massive 350,000 sq. ft. facility opened in April, moving from neighboring town Elyria.
June 22, 2017
Jon Manley / The News Tribune

Putting player safety first, Peninsula Youth Football brings technology to collision sport

Peninsula Youth Football is continuing to move forward with its quest to improve player safety in football. The organization is one of the first programs in the state to take a high-tech approach to monitoring players, adopting Riddell’s InSite Impact Response System.
June 19, 2017
Paul Lukas / ESPN

The fall of one size fits all

I'm sitting on a stool in the middle of an office, wearing a football helmet shell while a guy is pointing a gadget at me that looks a bit like an iPad with handles. "Keep looking straight ahead," he says as he circles around me, waving the gadget like a magic wand. "Try not to move too much." After about 30 seconds of this, I remove the helmet and replace it with a thick, uncomfortable hood, sort of like an industrial-strength ski mask, and the whole process repeats, with the guy once again circling around me with his gadget. The guy is Patrick Friel, a product manager for the football helmet manufacturer Riddell. The gadget -- one of only nine currently in existence -- is a scanner, and Friel is using it to create 3-D images of my head. After the second round of scans, we look at some digital images of me that the scanner captured.
June 19, 2017
Julie Cornell / KETV

Creighton Prep to spend $80,000, add high-tech football helmets

More than a million high school students play full contact football. But some may argue the very future of high school football is on the line because of the risk of concussions and brain injury. That’s why Creighton Prep is adding a higher level of surveillance to its football program, as the first in the state to outfit the entire team with high-tech helmets made by Riddell, called “Insite.” It’s a system that’ll cost $80,000.
June 14, 2017
Colin Rose / Sport Techie

Texas Football Uses Riddell Helmet Technology To Promote Player Safety

The University of Texas football program has garnered much attention since hiring new head football coach Tom Herman last November. Aggressive recruiting and promoting new player lockers has helped Herman make plenty of headlines since his arrival in Austin. But one of his most recent tweets displayed his team’s strong commitment to player safety, using innovative technology from helmet manufacturer Riddell.
Peyton Manning Helps Riddell Promote Innovation
June 09, 2017
Matt De Silva / Sport Techie

Peyton Manning Helps Riddell Promote Innovation

Riddell, a leading football equipment manufacturer, announced Wednesday the addition of Peyton Manning as a strategic business advisor and brand ambassador.The legendary quarterback will aid with product development, community and charitable initiatives, internal programming, and special projects directed by Riddell’s executive leaders. Manning will help amplify Riddell’s contributions in protective equipment innovation.
Riddell Welcomes Peyton Manning As Strategic Business Partner
June 09, 2017
SGB Media

Riddell Welcomes Peyton Manning As Strategic Business Partner

Riddell added legendary football player Peyton Manning as a strategic advisor to the business. In addition, Manning will be Riddell’s first-ever brand ambassador supporting the football community.
May 27, 2017
Brett Williams / Mashable

One of football's biggest names turns to 3D scanning tech for safer helmets

Riddell, the company behind the helmets worn by around 60 percent of NFL players, will use a new 3D head-scanning process on each player who wears its new Precision Fit headgear. To be sure there are other innovations in helmet tech, but unlike just about every other helmet design on the market, which use inflatable pads that are adjusted manually by handheld air pumps, the inside of the Precision Fit models have a custom-fit liner system made of "energy managing materials" built according to the personalized scan data of each player's head.
May 26, 2017
Roosevelt Leftwich / Fox 8

Inside local Riddell plant: See what it takes to make country’s most popular football helmet

It's a name that is synonymous with football. About sixty percent of the NFL and more than half of all college and high school teams use Riddell helmets made in Lorain County. At peak season, about 500 people can put together about 2,000 helmets a day at its new North Ridgeville plant. “We were able to start with a blank slate and redefine how we wanted this plant organized and how we wanted it to be laid out and that's helped tremendously," said plant general manager, Ben Marker.
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