Riddell and Catapult Team Up to Advance Football Team Performance and Player Protection

Leaders in football technology integrate Riddell InSite and Catapult’s XOS to offer coaches and staff more complete athlete data solution

The leader in football head protection and innovation, Riddell, today announced a partnership with sports science and analytics company Catapult. The two organizations formed this new partnership in order to further integrate emerging athlete data in football. Riddell InSite, the game’s leading smart helmet technology, will now integrate its advanced impact data into Catapult’s XOS video system. Together the new partnership provides coaches with unique information that can be used to reduce head impact exposure and improve player performance.

Riddell InSite uses more than seven million on-field player impacts, collected over nearly two decades, as the foundation for an analytics platform that provides actionable information to coaches and other football staff members. This smart helmet data collection technology is a step towards improving playing behavior and training by providing coaches and players with a deeper understanding of the head impact landscape during practice and game competition. As part of this, Riddell will offer a new suite of services including an advanced level of impact analytics, automated reports, and positional benchmarking starting with the 2020 season.

Catapult’s XOS is the industry’s leading video solution for American football, giving teams and coaches an edge on competition. Through innovative technology designed to analyze and combine player tracking data, video analysis, and advanced reporting, Catapult’s XOS brings creative solutions to organizations looking to improve on-field performance.

“A partnership linking Riddell InSite – the premier smart helmet technology with Catapult’s XOS – the premier video analytics system -- is important for the future of the game,” said Thad Ide, Riddell’s Senior Vice President of Research and Product Development. “As football evolves, so should the tools available to coaches. We want to deliver relevant, insightful information that can inform player protection decision-making, help them improve performance and potentially create a competitive advantage for their program. This is going to give elite-level programs a new tool to bring video context to situations of elevated on-field impact exposure.”

The integration of InSite data into Catapult’s XOS will allow coaches to sync video and athlete performance metrics with on-field head impact data and training opportunities. With this new capability, Catapult’s XOS and Riddell InSite bring relevant data to staff fingertips, enabling them to better manage athlete behavior to directly affect performance.

“As analytics and data collection in football continues to grow, so does the need for these tools to work in concert with one another,” said Brett Hammond, Catapult’s Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “We see an opportunity to help bridge the gaps that exist with impact and video data. This partnership will bring game-changing technology that benefits coaches and players and continue to help advance the game.”

Today, more than 1,000 programs are using InSite at all levels of play. Catapult’s technology solutions are used by over 3000 sports teams around the globe, supporting teams to improve their performance. The integration of Catapult’s XOS with Riddell InSite data will be available for the 2020 season.

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