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There’s nothing better than the start of fall and football season, where it brings great rivalries, unparalleled dedication and spirited competition.

As the 2019 football season begins, the McCarthy Auto Group is proud to announce its partnership with Riddell, the Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association and PrepsKC, once again promoting Smarter Football with Riddell InSite technology. This marks the sixth season of the on-going partnership.

Each year, the McCarthy Auto Group, along with its partners, select a handful of Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association (GKCFCA) member schools to award them with innovative InSite smart helmet technology. In their six seasons of partnership, InSite was donated to thirty-five metro high schools. Today, with help from the program, over 50 high schools in the metro area use smart helmets from Riddell.

This season – Staley High School, Winnetonka High School, West Platte High School and St. Michael the Archangel High School will participate in the program.

Why InSite? With over fifteen years of on-field impact data, Riddell’s InSite, is football’s leading head impact monitoring system. InSite collects and analyzes on-field head impacts, while also alerting sideline staff to atypical impact events and includes an easy-to- use web-based platform that utilizes team impact data to build individualized impact profiles.

With this technology, InSite provides information on the athletes’ playing behavior and style, flagging viable training opportunities that enable coaching staffs to work with them directly to improve technique in real-time.

“With help from McCarthy Auto, we’re proud to offer these schools this innovative technology to help continue to grow the game for their student athletes in a smarter, more intelligent way,” said Jerome Tucker, Kansas City-area sales representative for Riddell. “With InSite, coaches and trainers now have another set of eyes on the field to help their players get better in-real time. This is a game-changer in player protection.”

“McCarthy Auto Group is pleased to be in the sixth year of a very successful partnership with Riddell,” McCarthy Auto Group Communications Director Karl Kramer said. “This venture ties into our support of High School Football through our great partner PrepsKC, into the connecting the mantra of advocating for playing the game as safe as possible through technology like InSite through Riddell. Lastly and most importantly, this partnership with Riddell supports the Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association and the great work they do in supporting the kids and high school football across the Kansas City market.”

In line with the partnership, PrepsKC publishes a weekly article, highlighting one school’s experience with InSite. Post-season, PrepsKC runs an essay contest where one lucky school with receive 12 Riddell Speed Flex helmets with InSite technology.

Through this partnership, McCarthy Auto Group and Riddell are taking an active step in improving on-field player protection.

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