Student Resources

Are you a student working on a school project about Riddell? You’ve come to the right place.

The following items are available individually for download, or together as part of a compressed zip file:

Biography for Dan Arment, President, Riddell (PDF)

Headshot image for Dan Arment, President, Riddell (JPG)

Biography for Thad Ide, Senior Vice President, Research & Product Development, Riddell (PDF)

Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet Fact Sheet (PDF)

Download Riddell Press Kit zip file

Concussion awareness materials are also available for download on this site, as are Riddell images and video.

Background and factual information can be found in the About Riddell and Press Kit sections. Concussion information and Riddell helmet studies can be found in the Concussion Resources and Research sections

Good luck with your project!

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