Riddell® Helmets Earn Highest Ranking in Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™ for Second Year Running

The new Riddell 360, Revolution Speed Helmets — Two of Three Helmets to Receive Top “5-STAR” Rating for Reducing the Risk of Concussion

Rosemont, Ill. – May 1, 2012 – Riddell, the official helmet of the National Football League®, has reported that two of its newest helmets received the highest possible, 5-STAR ranking in the latest Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™, released today. The Riddell Revolution Speed, the only 5-STAR rated helmet in the 2011 study, was joined by the Riddell 360, reviewed for the first time this year.

“We are pleased that the design and engineering of our helmets has once again been validated by this study,” said Dan Arment, president of Riddell. “We judge our football helmets across many different metrics, and it’s terrific to see that we fared well with Virginia Tech’s rating system. What this study shows is that the football helmet industry is continuing to advance and produce more protective helmets. We’re pleased that these advancements are accelerating the adoption rate of Riddell’s new technology in the marketplace.”

The design of the new Riddell 360 helmet incorporated the analysis of 1.4 million impacts collected by Riddell’s HITS™ Technology system. The 360 helmet uses energy managing materials and design, including strategically placed face mask hinge clips to disperse energy from frontal impacts. The 360 helmet also features enhanced protection along the jaw line and includes a system designed to improve the fit and retention of the helmet.

Virginia Tech’s study of football helmets was the first to provide the public with comparative test results to help consumers make decisions about football helmet purchases. The Virginia Tech research involved performing 120 impacts on each helmet model at multiple locations and impact energies to determine STAR ratings (STAR is an acronym for the Summation of Tests for the Analysis of Risk value). According to Virginia Tech, the STAR value is the calculated incidence of concussion for one season of full participation at the collegiate level.

Riddell believes concussion awareness is vital to improving player safety. While no helmet can prevent concussions, Riddell believes that a combination of strategies – including rule changes, closer monitoring of players, improvements in coaching techniques, more robust educational programs and continued advancements in helmet technology – can work in tandem to best protect those who play the game.

For more information about the Virginia Tech football helmet ratings, visit the STAR Rating website. To learn more about Riddell, visit www.riddell.com.

Founded in 1929, Riddell is a premier designer and developer of protective sports equipment and a recognized leader in helmet technology and innovation. One of Easton-Bell Sports, Inc.’s most well-known brands and the Official Helmet of the NFL®, Riddell is the leading manufacturer of football helmets, shoulder pads and reconditioning services (cleaning, repairing, repainting and recertifying existing equipment).

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