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June 28, 2014
Yahoo! Sports - Shutdown Corner

Perhaps answer to improving concussion situation is through technology

Riddell, which provides a majority of the helmets for NFL players, thinks its InSite Impact Response System can help at all levels. Basically, a five-point sensor pad in the helmet measures the impact of hits, and when a hit or sequence of hits passes a certain threshold the athletic trainer on the sideline is sent an alert on a cell-phone sized device. The equipment doesn't diagnose concussions, Riddell said (no company is going to want to take on that liability) and when an alert is sent, it doesn't necessarily mean a player is pulled from the game or the game is stopped.
June 11, 2014
NFL Revolution

Q&A: Riddell SVP of research talks about new SpeedFlex helmet

Riddell sporting goods' SpeedFlex football helmet has gained a lot of attention this year. Riddell has tried to set a new standard with the headgear, incorporating a new facemask, shell, chinstrap mechanism and electronics into one package. The result has been hundreds of college and pro teams are wearing during pre-introductory phase.
June 09, 2014

'Smart' football helmet may help detect concussions

A wave of new technology, embedded in football helmets, aims to measure the force of on-field collisions and send alerts when a player's health may be in danger. "We want to protect players as best we can," said Thad Ide, head of product development and management at Riddell, the United States' leading maker of football helmets, which has embraced these new head-impact systems.
June 02, 2014
Bleacher Report

How New Helmet Technology Will Make the NFL and NHL Safer

Concussions remain a serious issue in sports, and with the recent White House concussion summit, the discussion has been raised a notch. Luckily, some companies are doing it anyway. Riddell has long been a leader in the field, with its helmets remaining the most worn brand in the NFL for the past two decades. Riddell is introducing its newest helmet, called the SpeedFlex, this season.
May 26, 2014
Tech Gadgets Guide

Watch Your Head: How Helmet Technology has Changed

The official helmet producer for the NFL, Riddell, is introducing a new helmet this season that has a sensor system that sends a signal to the sidelines when there is an impact beyond a player’s typical hit magnitude. Technological improvements have also brought us to where we are today as advancements in computing capabilities have made it easier to test a helmet’s effectiveness.
May 25, 2014

High tech helmets to debut this fall in East Tennessee

"There will be sensors inside six of the helmets," Jason Hicks, the head football coach at Greenback said, explaining the new helmets from Riddell, called "Insite." "Provide real-time data to our trainers and coaches staff about significant impacts to those six kids," he added. Sensors are placed inside the pads in the helmet. When someone gets hit, a handheld monitor will record the impact: showing which player was involved, where on the head, and the speed of collision.
May 23, 2014
Woodlawn Post

RECAP: USA Football’s Protection Tour, sponsored by Riddell and AIG At Ford Field

After the parents & coaches returned from learning about health and safety education, USA Football’s Heads Up Football program instructor’s, and PAL coaches were all schooled to the proper and comprehensive approach to a better and safer game that consisted of Heads Up Tackling techniques.
April 20, 2014

Riddell introduces the new SpeedFlex helmet

The SpeedFlex is similar to the helmet players wore last season, with one major difference. It features a large, compressible cutout panel in the crown, part of the Flex System, which is designed to reduce impact force transfer to the wearer. The panel can depress up to a quarter of an inch, according to an ESPN interview with Thad Ide, Riddell’s senior vice president for research and development.
April 16, 2014

Uni Watch: Helmet of the future?

NFL minicamps and OTAs haven't started yet, but colleges are well into their spring practice season, and many of them have essentially created a soft launch for the SpeedFlex by using it in their spring games and tweeting photos of it. As you can see in those tweets, the SpeedFlex's defining visual feature is a cutout on the crown, which creates a flexible panel designed to disperse the force of an impact. How flexible is it?
April 16, 2014

Riddell creates new space-age helmets to be worn next season

Riddell hasn’t officially put its new helmet on the market, but early versions of the SpeedFlex have found their way to several Division I college football programs, including Texas and Iowa State, which tweeted out pictures of the futuristic lids.
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